I had a surreal moment when working on this image.  The building is part of the Fairfield Hills State Hospital which is now owned by the town of Newtown, Connecticut.  


Transformation. A composite I have been working on for a few months.


Another image I have been working on since July.  I had it looking one way and didn’t like it so I spent last week taking back it to the beginning background and rebuilt it the way I wanted it to look.  This is an ongoing process that happens with some composites.  Sometime I get it just the way I want it in a few hours, other times it takes me months to get the feel that I really want.  The…

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Girl Out of Wall

Girl Out of Wall


I am having a very nice and lazy labor day.  I have been working on this composite image off and on since July and finally got it to where I wanted it.  I landed up purchasing a tutorial from Tony Kuyper and Sean Bagshawon luminosity masks and have been learning and watching most of the weekend.  I used Tony’s famous Triply Play on the finished image and then added the web sharpening.  I just…

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Polaroid Camera & Fuji Film - A Match Made in Heaven


I decided to head up to Newtown, CT to photograph the buildings of the former Fairfield Hills State Hospital.  Fairfield Hills was a psychiatric hospital from 1931 until 1995.  In 2005 the town of Newtown, CTpurchased it and a few of the buildings have been renovated to house town hall departments and the police station.  The town has done a wonderful job keeping the integrity of the…

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Fish Inspired by Klimt

Fish inspired by Klimt


I was inspired by a painting by Klimt called “Philosophie“.  It was one of three paintings Klimt was commissioned to paint on the ceiling of the Great Hall at the University of Vienna.  They paintings were never displayed at the University because they came under attack for “perverted excess”.  They were stored at Schloss Immendorf, a castle in Vienna and were destroyed in 1945  when retreating…

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Bus Ride

Bus Ride - a little urban decay


I just got around to working on images yesterday.  My mother passed away last Tuesday at the age of 88 after a very long illness and I did not have time or the heart to work on images.  Yesterday afternoon I was inspired to work on them again.

Both of these images were photographed in Pennsylvania at an undisclosed location.  I loved the way the light filtered through shattered glass into…

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Beauty & Decay


I photographed and partially processed this shot with my iPhone 5s.  I then brought into Photoshop CC to work on it a little more.  I wanted it to have this slight dreamy feel to it so I softened the focus up a little bit.  I just love the decaying trolley’s juxataposed with the beauty of the field of wild flowers.  It’s that contrast that I am always looking for and enjoy photographing.

The ima…

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The Rhinoceros House


When I was a little girl I went to the Catskill Game Farm with my family.  A few weeks ago I went back to photograph it through an Abandoned America Workshop.   Another workshop will be held there on August 3rd if  anyone is interested in attending.  Just click here and it will take you to the page. The Catskill Game Farm opened in 1933 and was officially recognized as a zoo in 1958.  It closed…

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Something about an Abandoned Loo

Something about an Abandoned Loo


Whenever I am in an abandoned place I always seem to be taking pictures of the loo.  I don’t know if it is because it seems to show the decay so much or I”m just fascinated that it is still intact.  Whatever it is I have two this time around and they are both in the same abandoned house.  I shot both of these with my Fuji XPro-1 on a tripod (usually do because I bracket my shots +1, 1, -1) and…

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Word Play


This week I decided to play around with adding vintage letters and postcards as a form of texture to two of my images. The image above is an abandoned farmhouse in Pennsylvania photographed using my Fuji X-Pro1.  I used several textures by 2 lil Owls and then brought in a great french postcard that a purchased in a pack from French Kiss Textures.

The image below I photographed at Breezy Point in…

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