The Siren’s Series

The Siren’s Series


I have been working on the Siren’s series for the last couple of weeks and having fun with compositing it together.  The image above is titled “The Siren’s Breath” and the image below is titled “Call of the Siren”.  The Siren’s Breath is made up of several images and a painting!  The sailboat was photographed at my house and is a model about 3 feet hight.  I photographed it with my Fuji X Pro1.…

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A Composite Using Holmesburg Prison

A Composite using Holmesburg Prison


I am a little late posting this week but I am working on a few pieces that are taking a lot of time in post processing.  It has been way to cold outside for me to go out and shoot but hopefully that will change within the next week or two.

The image above is a composite of a shot I took from another great workshop with Abandoned America at the Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.…

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Experimenting - combining an image with a background made by pouring Citra-Solv on a National Geographic page.


I was looking through some of backgrounds I created poring Citra-Solv on old National Geographic pages.  I like experimenting by combining my images with different mediums to see what I can produce.  The image above combines one of the backgrounds that reminded me of a field with a photograph of a house I took at the Scotland School for Veteran’s Children in Pennsylvania this past summer.  The…

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World of Make Believe

checkerboard cloudgirlv

I have had some free time to work a little more on my composites.  The case I was working on for the last 5 years settled so I am out and about looking for a new job and have a ton of free time to create my make believe worlds.  The image above is a composite of a great old lock and keys that my Dad had collected.  The image of me was shot in my home and I am actually wearing one of Dad’s old…

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Getting My Queen of Darkness On

Lost in a Good Book

The last few posts were of my B&W street photography which I love to do but my other love are dark, surreal composites.  Because I have shown a lot of this type of work, someone dubbed me the Queen of Darkness.  I found that really funny because I don’t take the darkness seriously. I just like the way it looks.  So this week I am presenting two pieces I have been working on.  The image above…

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NYC Fog with my Fuji x100s.

NYC Fog 3

It was extremely foggy in New York City this past Friday so I decided to go out and capture that great mood fog creates.  All images were taken in Tudor City which is a fabulous neighborhood on the East side between 41st and 43rd streets and Second and First Avenue.  It sits a top of a cliff that 42nd street cuts through to access the UN Building.  All images were taken with my Fuji x100s…

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